Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing

Health of your pet is the ultimate goal of all our action. That’s how we started to explain our Philosophy, and here it is the conclusion of the journey: without health “everything is nothing”. Health is not only a physical factor; it is also a psychic and emotional wellbeing. Only when body, mind and soul are healthy the holistic approach has been realized: the result is, in fact, not the mere sum of the wellbeing of the three parts; it is instead the synergistic effect that amplifies the overall performance of any live being. This is Diusapet: nutritious products, able to care about all components of our lives and to influence positively the mind and soul of our beloved through the scientifically proven combination of simple, highly qualitative ingredients and powerful phytonutrients, treated with love, respect and passion, with the most innovative technology and following our certified, highest standard of production. This is Diusapet. This is Love.

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