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The protein sources selected by Diusa Pet for its products must pass very strict quality controls and analysis. In addition to a careful selection of suppliers, chosen among those able to guarantee the most qualitative and constant product over time, all the ingredients of animal origin such as fresh and dehydrated chicken, duck, fish, lamb and deer undergo several careful analysis. Freshness and safety are tested by microbiology and possible contaminants, and their nutritional value is investigated, determining their digestibility and analyzing in detail its complete amino acid composition, which corresponds to the quality of the “bricks” that make up proteins. This is the most important parameter of completeness of a protein source.

The sources of lipids, as important as those of proteins, are equally controlled: fish oil and chicken fat are preserved with natural antioxidants, they are evaluated for their freshness (degree of oxidation and acidity) and analyzed in detail to unveil their composition in essential fatty acids, again the “building blocks” that compose lipids. This is made to guarantee the most optimal relationships between essential omega-6 and omega-3

The sources of carbohydrates, essential to form the kibbles, are not less controlled. In addition to a careful analysis regarding the presence of contaminants, we select these key ingredients according to the digestibility of their starch, the energy reserve molecule. Depending on its ability to release, during its digestion, simple sugars such as glucose, starches divide into two categories, those with high and those with a low glycemic index. Diusa Pet strictly chooses sources of low glycemic index starch for its maintenance products (naturally purified pea starch, sweet potato and whole grains) and highly digestible starch sources (rice and white potato) for some products of the Care line, where the nutritional requirements are to supply energy in the shortest time possible.

Phytonutrients and other functional ingredients

Diusa Pet, in its constant search for innovation, has decided to integrate its products with natural phytonutrients and other natural ingredients characterized by a powerful functional effect. Diusa Pet has very carefully selected these elements by virtue of their proven efficacy, quality and safety, and uses them to enrich its nutritional solutions.

The Aloe vera used by Diusa Pet is completely natural, produced according to a patented process that guarantees a very high level of active substances. These are protected to ensure quality and quantity, being stable and resistant in the finished product, and making it an important aid in the formation and maintenance of the immune system, also promoting health and healing of the skin.

The natural root of ginseng has been known for centuries in traditional oriental medicine for its health benefits. We have decided to use this precious ingredient also in our products to boost the association with other phytonutrients of proven efficacy.

The powerful natural complex of aromatic plants consisting of cloves, turmeric, rosemary and lemon is a common characteristic of all Holistic products and carries a very high content in active substances. It has a high antioxidant and protective effect, being a valid aid in the prevention of cellular aging, limiting the effects of time on the body”s vital tissues thanks to the polyphenols and other compounds.

In the continuous research and selection of highly purified functional ingredients, Diusa Pet chose to use inactivated cells of beneficial lactic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei (inactivated and freeze-dried according to a species-specific process called tyndallization), which are titled to know exactly the number of bacterial cells that are added in the product. This allows a very precise dosage and functionality proven by clinical tests, as inactivated cells maintain their structure and their ability to “dialogue” with enterocytes, promoting immunity and competing with pathogens for the free epithelial adhesion sites.

In addition to high quality blue fish oil, wild caught from sustainable sources, we also use additional sources of omega-3 from seaweed (Schizochytrium sp., rich in DHA) very useful to counteract the inflammatory processes at all levels and in all body districts

The sugar cane fiber used is desaccharified and highly purified, and decreases the energy of the food ingested by animals with a tendency to be overweight. Moreover, it is a very precious ingredient to decrease the absorption rate of glucose released by the digestion of starches, a factor that contributes to the management of normal blood sugar. Moreover, it promotes intestinal peristalsis. In animals that exhibit hairball regurgitation, an increase in fiber can help to reduce their formation by promoting their passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

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