Diusa pet is the excellent pet food

From the millenary Italian food and gastronomic culture, focused on the careful choice of raw materials to create wonderful dishes recognized worldwide, a perfect combination with the most innovative nutritional science. The goodness of our formulations is proven through dietary trials and “cruelty free” clinical studies. This is essential to combine tradition and innovation, which is also achieved through the choice of cooking the ingredients at low temperature (90 °) through the use of steam and adding only natural antioxidants to our recipes. In addition, to complete the formulations, in Diusa Pet we use extremely effective phytonutrients and functional natural ingredients to give our products a further edge: Alleva Holistic, the latest generation “grain free” hyperprotein; Alleva Natural, the “low grain” with brown rice and pumpkin; the Alleva Equilibrium line, with its Sensitive monoproteins and its Weight Control. The icing on the cake of our production, however, is Alleva Care, the first dietetic food for particular nutritional purposes (to be advised by a veterinarian) formulated according to innovative concepts of nutrition and enhanced in its functionality by the use of powerful complexes of natural bioactive ingredients. As our philosophy says, we do everything according to your pet, the ultimate goal of all our actions, and every choice is made to promote its health and well-being.

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