Alleva, the health of your pet

It is essential to start walking in this life on the right foot, and it is equally important to continue as adults. This is why Diusa has decided to offer Alleva, a complete product portfolio, with solutions for puppies and for adult pets as well as for physiological conditions such as pregnancy or lactation, declined in 3 maintenance lines and 1 functional line for particular nutritional purposes (to be advised by a veterinarian). The flagship line of Alleva is Holistic, a grain free product, high in protein from fresh and dehydrated meat of excellent quality, with reduced sources of starch (with a low glycemic index compared to those traditionally used in pet food), very high levels of nutritional supplements and characterized by an extremely powerful complex of phytonutrients. Alleva Natural, also with fresh meat, for a more traditional but “low grain” approach, with brown rice and with all the goodness of the pumpkin as well as the high level of nutritional supplements for the well-being of each body district, from the joints to the heart. Alleva Equilibrium, with its Sensitive and Weight Control products, with fresh meat, rice, fruit and vegetables. Finally, the Alleva Care line, for “particular nutritional purposes” (to be advised by a veterinarian), able to nutritionally support the body thanks to the proven concepts of nutrition and to the functionality of bioactive natural ingredients supported by scientific tests. All the products are steam-cooked and preserved with natural antioxidants, as Diusa knows how to do.

The grain free without compromises. Fresh meat, high protein levels and a powerful complex of natural phytonutrients. Only the best of Diusa Pet production.

Alleva Holistic Dog Alleva Holistic Cat

The low grain product, with fresh meat, integral brown rice and dried pumpkin: the perfect combination of ingredients and nutritional profile to feed your champion.

Alleva Natural

The product without compromises: simple products, highly qualitative and nutritious, based on selected raw materials, steam cooked to treat them with care, correctly balanced to keep the equilibrium of your pet’s health.

Alleva Equilibrium

The functional veterinary line. Nutritional science and chosen ingredients in a perfect marriage. For animals with specific nutritional needs, enriched with special natural ingredients with a strong functional value.

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