Neobreeder, for professional breeders

Everything starts from here. When it comes to protecting the health of our pets, professional breeders are the first player we turn to. We at Diusa offer the same quality and high standards that distinguish the commercial lines of our products in convenient 10kg and 20kg formats so that the professional breeder can allow his puppies to start the life with the most appropriate nutrition. In our offer, Neo Breeder Holistic, the grain-free high protein with functional phytonutrient cocktails; the Neo Breeder Essential line, derived from Natural, also with fresh meat, for a more traditional but “low grain” approach, with brown rice and with all the goodness of pumpkin; the Selection line, with its Sensitive and Weight Control products, which corresponds to the commercial Equilibrium, with fresh meat, rice, fruit and vegetables. All steamed, and preserved with natural antioxidants, as Diusa knows how to do. In addition to these top-quality lines, we dedicate the Professional line products to the professional breeder, designed to meet the specific needs of any new generation of breeders even more specifically than commercial lines can do. For true Neo Breeder.

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