Neo Lupus Pet Care, health and beauty solutions

Diusa Pet is proud to have Neo Lupus Pet Care among its brands, since 1901 at the forefront in Europe with its lines of health and beauty solutions based on plants and natural compounds with high bioactive power. The original formulas of docteur Morinière, a famous zoologist and breeder of the early 1900s, studied and used for 120 years across Europe, have been taken up and updated to bring them to the new millennium, respecting the cornerstones of its natural philosophy. In fact, they mantain the combined efficacy of the active ingredients of the 20 herbs that create a complete range of products for the care and beauty of dogs, cats and horses. Furthermore, Neo Lupus is enriched with an entire line of new generation professional products, suitable for the expert groomer and for those who evaluate performances based on absolute aesthetic results, safety and healthiness. In fact, the formulations are designed for the sensitive skin of our four-legged friends, because Diusa Pet’s philosophy has always been one: do everything according to your pet and make its health and well-being the ultimate goal of all our actions.

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